Sunday, September 30, 2012

One-Tap Bitcoin Payments with

Mobile payments can't get much easier & faster!

We made a new feature to, one-tap payments to any bitcoin address. Accepts normal bitcoin URIs. Really easy and fast way to pay small amounts in restaurants etc.

The feature can be also used to redeem private keys, and coupons.

The test videos:
iPod touch: 13,5 sec (unlock + tap + scan + confirm)
Android Samsung galaxy S3: 9 sec (tap + scan + confirm)

To activate the feature for your mobile: go to your page, scroll down and click "one-tap payment url". Bookmark this page, the icon will act as "one-tap" payment solution.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dead Man's Switch with

We have added a Dead Man's Switch feature to our . This is very useful feature for couple of applications:

  • Setting up "backup address" to your significant other, in case you lose your wallet URL in a way or other.
  • Making timed, anonymous transfers to different bitcoin addresses.
It is good idea to set up the Dead Man's switch just in case, because there isn't any fees if the feature doesn't activate.

SMS messages not transfering from TeliaSonera

We are sorry to inform that TeliaSonera isn't proberly sending text messages to our twilio numbers.

... text messages, how many bytes they were again?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012 designer portfolio

As a startup, we really approve the quality work our designer has been able to provide us. Therefore we want to promote her recently published portfolio:

She is available for hire, and accepts bitcoins!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012 bug fixed! Incoming transactions working again.

Hi, there was a small bug today in for about 1.5 hours - incoming transactions were not properly processed. The problem is now fixed.

The following problems could be caused by this:

- Erronous balance change updates (the blue boxes)
- Erronous wallet history - one transaction showing as multiple

No actual erronous balances, double spending or any other serious bugs could be done using this bug.

Sorry for the issue.